Seltzer Makers - Add some bubbles to your water

A Seltzer maker is a great way to create your own fizzy water, blend of soft drinks or have the convenience of a soft drink stand right in your own home.

Bottled sparkling water or “fizzy” water can be expensive and cause damage to our environment, especially if you’re an avid drinker of fizzy water or enjoy buying soft drinks as most of us do. While a seltzer maker may not sound easy to use  it’s actually incredibly simple to create your own fizzy water in seconds and with a little extra effort and lower overall cost you can create your own soft drinks. It’s a great conversation piece for the home, is fun to use and works almost instantly.

Have you ever thought about how many bottles a year from bottled water or bottled seltzer water must be used by Americans, or going further, by the entire world? What about the impact these bottles have on our landfills when they aren’t recycled properly? It’s been estimated that Americans spend more money in one year than they do on I Pods and movies despite the fact that these units can cost twenty times the cost of simple bottled water. But where do all these bottles of water and seltzer water go? They from your trash, to a truck, straight to a landfill where they are dumped. Plastics can be toxic to our soil and our planet, so they don’t dispose of well with mother Earth. This is why we’re encouraged to recycle plastic instead of just throwing it away in the regular garbage Seltzer Makercan. If you haven’t started recycling, it’s easy and your city most likely is part of  a plan to assist you in doing so and have made it easy for you – contact them for more details.

Other uses for a seltzer maker

Another thought to take into account is the fact that in order for bottled seltzer water and bottled refreshments to reach your city and grocery store, they must be transported by boat and or vehicle. Think about how much gasoline and pollution that causes in order to bring those bottles to you. But what if you could eliminate these processes altogether and make it easier and less expensive for you to enjoy seltzer water?

This is where a seltzer maker can make all the difference with you and the environment. You can take your love for seltzer water and not only make it more accessible but eliminate the need for purchasing bottled seltzer water (and the need for it to be transported) by purchasing your own seltzer maker. You’ll have seltzer water in the convenience of your own home and it’s so simple to use. Not to mention it’s much less expensive and will save you so much money in the long run. Think about how much seltzer water you drink in a month – by having a seltzer maker right in your own home it will virtually pay for itself in just a few months.

If you love seltzer water or soft drinks consider the benefits of owning one of these as in the long run it will be good for everyone!

Seltzer Maker – What Should I look For?

When shopping around for any type of product you want to make sure that you’re getting the best bang for the buck. This is difficult with certain products because they all have different variations of options, looks, buttons, gadgets etc. A seltzer maker is no different and when you go to the store to look you’ll see that they come in a wide variety of manufacturers each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The problem is that the ones that have the very best options are so high in price it makes you not want to purchase it ; nobody likes to spend a lot of money and get something that is so complicated that they don’t even know how to use all of the features.

What are you looking for in a seltzer maker?

So it really comes down to what exactly you’re looking for. Most people just want a seltzer maker that can just simply create seltzer water quickly and easily. These seltzer makers are easy to find and will cost around fifty dollars. However, by spending a little more money you can add some good options that are practical and useful and not something that only a professional seltzer maker would want. Good options to look for on a seltzer maker for regular home use is a carbon adjuster. When your seltzer maker has a carbon adjustment nozzle on it, then you are able to regulate the amount of bubbles that you will have in your drink. This is good since some recipes require less carbon than others, but overall it’s for your own personal preference of how much bubbles you want. If you are stuck with a seltzer maker that does not allow you to regulate the carbon output then you may be using up more carbon cartridges a month than you’d like which can lead to higher costs. By limiting the amount of carbon you can save money and may find that the taste feeling and difference isn’t even noticeable.

Another good option to look for on your seltzer maker is an easy to load cartridge slot. Most seltzer makers are very good about this, but some can be a real hassle. Before purchasing the seltzer maker it’s a good idea to take a look at where you load the co2 cartridges into and even ask to test it out. It should be as easy as sliding it in and out and locking it into place. If the person helping you seems to be having a hard time and you are as well, then it’s best to not go with that particular model and avoid some annoyance down the line. A co2 cartridge that won’t go in easy can lead to you breaking the entire seltzer maker.

The final major option that you may want to consider is seltzer makers with mixers built into them. If you are planning on creating your own soft drinks then this will be the right decision for you. These allow you to easily add ingredients to the top of the seltzer maker so that when you create the seltzer water it’s already pre-mixed. This is easy and convenient and less messy than having to do it manually. The seltzer makers with this option however are usually more expensive and can run upwards of $300. This is more of a convenience thing than anything but is a very cool addition to your kitchen if people can just come over and fill up a drink from your soft drink fountain.

Seltzer Maker

The best thing to do when looking at seltzer makers is to find out what’s important to you and what you are going to use it the most for. Shop around, test out the seltzer makers and make sure you purchase them with a warranty so you can return them if it ends up being more work than it should be.